Friday, June 17, 2011

Replacement Feminine Hygiene Video Up :)

Hello Bunnies,

The new feminine hygiene video is up. I got a lot of request for it so here it is. Youtube took down part 1 but, part 2 is still up so, a lot of people were asking me where was part 1. Actually I made a whole new series which will have 4 parts. Each new part of the series will be uploaded on Friday.

At the time that Youtube took the video down the video had 252,111 views. So it was fairly popular and, it did help a lot of people because, believe it or not I did get LOTS of emails from women that said that it changed their life. On the original 2008 video I had to disable the comments after only 201 because, the comments were mostly people leaving comments to try to "argue" with me about the information. I left the comments open on this 2011 one but, I will be monitoring them to make sure that they stay relevant and useful.

It may surprise you that on the first video I did receive a LOT of positive emails from women that were happy about me making the information available to them but, I also received a lot of negative comments and, emails from women wanting to "argue" with me about the information. Many of them were making up any excuse in the world to support their idea that they are suppose to smell bad and, that they have NO need to wash their vagina. Many of them told me that the Vagina cleans itself. And, yes it is true that the Uterus is a self cleaning organ because, it sheds its own lining once a month (Menstruation) but, that does not excuse the fact that you still do need to clean the external areas.. meaning the vulva, clitoris, etc.

Here are the top things that they like to argue about besides the fact that they hate cleaning the external areas...

1. They argue that the Feminine wash will cause a infection.... which is FALSE! Summers eve Feminine wash is made for a woman's private area. It is not soap! It does not cause infections. NOT WASHING THE EXTERNAL AREA IS WHAT CAUSES INFECTIONS.

2. They argue that everyone stinks...WHICH IS FALSE. As long as you wash your vagina and, it is healthy. There is no reason for it to stink or smell like fish. FISHY SMELLS IS A SIGN OF A INFECTION OR A STD.

3. They argue that if you wash your Vagina because it is so delicate then you can tear it if you scrub it. WHICH IS FALSE. Excuse me but, if you are sexually active then there is a LOT of pounding and friction that goes on in your Vaginal area and, because the Vagina can stretch there is usually under normal circumstances NO TEARING. Sure if your a Virgin and the Hymen is broken for the first time then there is bleeding and tearing but, otherwise there is no tearing during sexual intercourse. Not to mention the fact that some women can give birth to 5 to 10 pound babies and, not tear or require stitches. No one is saying for you to scrub the living day lights out of it. All I am saying is just clean it but, you don't have to handle it ever so gently because, your scared that your going to break it. IT'S JUST SKIN!

Of course you can "Lead a horse to water but, you can't make her drink". If some women choose not to take care of themselves that is totally up to them. I am just simply making the information available for those that are looking to take better care of themselves.

Have a awesome day!

"Mrs. Pie"

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